Jan. 26th, 2014

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Yesterday as I was out having lunch with my friend and her son, I started having a anxiety attack. So, I left earlier than expected. I left after we ate. She thought it was due to her, but I explained it wasn't. And so that's good and a relief.

Once I got home, I started to calm down a bit, but much. So, I took a nap. That seemed to help a little. I didn't accomplish much yesterday because of how I was feeling. I am still trying to pinpoint my anxiety from yesterday, but I think it was because of the weather and the fact that my knee was acting up from the cold. Then I went to bed early since I was exhausted from the day.

Today I woke up early and went to church. That was really nice. I went to a new church here in my city. It was very welcoming, and I think I may go back again. It seemed very welcoming and all. A bit on the conservative side with their messages on gay marriage and abortion, but I can get past that. I know I shouldn't settle for just any church since there are many churches out there, but I felt actually more at ease at this than my own home church that I went to when I was younger. There seems to be more things for young adults around my age to do, and that is very important for me in a church. I am not very religious, but more spiritual and do believe in God/Jesus and do need support in this area as well from others. (I very rarely ever talk about this area in my life, so don't worry about rants and raves about this).

Then I went grocery shopping today after I got back from church. Then I went and paid rent for the month. That feels nice to have all of that done. I have just basically vegged this afternoon whether it be reading, watching tv, being on the computer, or taking a short nap which I just woke up from not that long ago.

I am going to go back to reading in a few and or watching tv in a few. I will respond to comments either later on tonight or tomorrow :-)

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