Jan. 16th, 2011 01:24 pm
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If you are wondering why I decided to ban you (the people I removed from my friends list) its because you couldn't do a little simple thing that I asked. I had asked nicely that you remove you me from your friends list, since I had different reasons on my friends' cut entry that I no longer wanted to be friends with you. I see that most of you guys had made entries in the past few days so that means you actually read your friends' list. Well if you actually read your friends list, you would have seen to remove, pretty simple I would say. So well I did the removing for you by banning you. Wow is all I have to say your guys' laziness.

(To my other friends, please disregard this post. It isn't for you guys at all. And I am sorry that I made this entry, but I felt it was necessary to explain to these ignorant people why I decided to ban them).

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