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Birthdate:Dec 14
Location:Minnesota, United States of America

The Life of K-Me

30-something lady. Born and raised in MN, USA. Lover of cats, dogs, and horses. Hard core book nerd.


Interests (133):

80's music, advice, alto saxophone, animals, art, arts and crafts, australia, barrel racing, beanie babies, being myself, betta fish, big band music, bill clinton, black, blogging, bodysurfing, books, cairn terriers, cats, celtic crosses, chocolate, coloring, coloring books, computer games, computers, country music, criminal justice, cross stitching, democrats, disney land, disney world, dogs, dorks, dreams, drew barrymore, duluth, dungeons and dragons, embroidery, emily the strange, england, europe, fantasy, flip flop sandals, flogging molly, friends, gaming, garth brooks, geeks, germany, goth, green bay packers, green day, guinea pigs, having fun, hawaii, history, horses, hot topic, icons, instant messengers, internet, ireland, jazz, jeremy camp, john kerry, kate winslet, king arthur, latchhooking, leonardo dicaprio, magic the gathering, major league baseball, mandalas, marching band, marilyn monroe, maynard ferguson, medieval times, mel brooks, men, metallica, mexico, michael w. smith, minneapolis, minnesota timberwolves, minnesota twins, minnesota wild, miss piggy, monty python, movies, music, names, nerds, norway, oceans, online games, oriental fans, paisley print, people, photography, piano, piercings, politics, punk music, reading, river falls, robin williams, sarcasm, scrap booking, sleeping, soprano saxophone, south park, spain, spirituality, strawberries, sweden, swing music, talking, tattoos, tenor saxophone, the bahamas, the muppets, the simpsons, the titanic, tinkerbell, torrid, traveling, trombones, trumpets, tubing, video games, volunteering, william shakespeare, wisconsin, writing
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